Zipper Sealing System

The systems attach a diversity of string zippers to a variety of films to create high quality zipper plastic bags. They are easily attachable to any existing bag making equipment

Roller Header Sealer

The most versatile accessory for a side-weld bag machine. The unit can be moved in and out and tilted in any direction to meet the oncoming web and to position the seal relative to the fold of the bag.

Taper Bag Manufacturing Attachment

Designed to compliment the Hudson-Sharp wicketer, this attachment makes it possible for manufacturing of tapered (conic) wicket plastic bags.

Round Bottom Sealer

This attachment is designed to allow automated manufacturing of round or other shape bottom seal bags. Two versions are available:

1) Pneumatically operated

2) Servo driven

In-Line Hole Punching System

This versatile gangue holes punching machine can be adapted virtually to any bag-making machine. Has been designed primarily for the production of agricultural bags.


The Cross-bank punching/serrating system is design to be mounted on a converting bag-machine to provide a row of holes across the web.

Rotary Serrator

Versatile tool for slitting or serrating. Manual and air operated version available.

Wicket Hole Punching Unit

Fits any intermittent bag machine. Punches or slit (serrate) blades changed in less than one minute.

Linear Low wicketeer also available

Off-line Wicket Welding Pin

Low cost solution for wireless wicketing. Off-line bench mounted unit.

Hanger Hole Punch

For compact clean cut punch and die system for small hanger holes on foils, laminates, co-extrusionsons, and other films.

Handle Bag Cutout

Designed for full handle bag cutouts in side weld plastic bags. Allows cuts with a variety of handle shapes. Large diameter holes and special handle shapes also available

Cold Needle Perforator

Used in production of finely perforated bags. Needs to be installed in the synchrosection of a bag machine or webstopper.

Web Cleaner

Designed to be used in Clean Rooms environment

Unwinder & Folder

This product is designed to be easily transformed from one with regular folding to inverted folding function.

Web Edges Dual Lip Folder

Designed to fold the film edges toward the center. Need to be installed between the output roller of the edge guide and the input roller of the folding triangle on the folder's frame. The lip folder includes a 2" diameter film supporting roller, a 0.75" x 3" supporting cross bar, one left hand and one right hand folding assemblies adjustable over the total film width. Maximum folded film lip is 4".

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