Round or Other Shape Bottom Bag Sealer

Pneumatically Operated

Servo Driven

This attachment is designed to allow manufacturing of round bottom chicken bags or other bags with different bottom shapes. The unit is automatically activated by the pulse signal of the bag machine and cycles with maximum rates of 150C/min. Higher speed units are also available. The attachment cuts and seals through two layers of poly and creates a bag with the bottom having the desired shape. It is normally installed on the side weld intermittent bag machine, over a two-way adjustable carriage, allowing precise positioning and easy correction without production interruption. In the stop position of the machine the unit automatically retracts the sealer to prevent "meltdown" of the film. It also features a positive slug gripping system connected to a slug collecting vacuum system. The anvil is three way adjustable and covered with a Teflon sheet for smut operation, and has perfect leveling for a strong seal.

Key Benefits

  • Cuts and seals in one cycle
  • Very easy installation
  • Easy in-flight two-way positioning (less scrape)
  • Interchangeable sealing head for different shapes
  • The retracting feature prevents the "meltdown" of the film
  • Positive, slug gripping system
  • Minimal maintenance
  • Heavy duty construction
  • Air-electric powered, requires pulse and start signals from the bag machine
  • One Year Warranty
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