Zipper Sealing System

These systems work with a variety of string zippers

They are easily attachable to any existing bag making equipment

Horizontal Zipper Sealing System

Vertical Zipper Sealing System

Basic model TZ130 features:

  • High-speed continuous zipper sealing – 200 ft/min (61m/min).
  • Heavy duty frame work.
  • Driven Zipper Unwind attached to the main frame, electronic tension control and optical run-out alarm.
  • Zipper insertion section - may be customized at no charge.
  • Vertical longitudinal Zipper Sealing Section with four self- leveling chromed cast iron sealing bars with air operated, spring loaded closing.
  • Electrical control panel with state of the art controls, and interface.
  • Top of the line Temperature controls and Heaters.
  • Ultrasonic, DUCANE 1,2000W, Profile Presealer on a three ways adjustable carriage, custom designed to fit on the specified bag-making machine.
  • Swivel leveling mounts and Bull's-Eye level to facilitate leveling corrections.


  • Remote controlled motorized positioner - makes it possible to correct the depth of the zipper insertion without stopping the machine or additional alignment of the sealing bars (applicable in one up operation only).Vortex-cooling Section with
  • Vortex-cooling Section with an automatic shut-off valve (cool down faster the sealed film and zipper), and preserves the seal longer. Recommended for all applications.
  • Zipper Splicer - easy, quick, and secure way to splice the zipper, saves time and energy.
  • Adjustable air operated rotary serrator RS300A (fits on the main frame) - Serrate the lip or the film if needed.
  • Zip opener (fits on the ultrasonic presealer carriage) - Keeps the zipper semi-open or open if needed.
  • PLC Controller with 6" color touchscreen operator interface - Eliminates all switches, buttons, and individual temperature controls from the control panel for friendly operation.
  • Packaging - wooden case.

One year full warranty and three years limited warranty.

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